Workshop : Supply List
Important Note

In my workshops I do NOT require that people use the same tools, supplies, or techniques
that I do; though I’m happy to share everything I know! Please feel free to bring whatever suits
your preference. My workshop is meant to enhance what you’re already doing in your
individual painting journey. If you are new to painting or you just want to try something
different, this is a list of what I use. I may make individual recommendations on supplies if I think
you might benefit from something new, but as with everything, it’s entirely up to you. I will
however HIGHLY recommend that students squeeze lots of paints onto their palette, AND USE

Artists who paint with acrylic are welcome in my workshop. I know very little about how
the medium works, and so I may not be able to give input on all the specific qualities of acrylic


Necessary Colors:

White (usually Titanium White)

Cadmium Yellow (I use Hansa as a substitute)

Orange or Cadmium Orange (I use Shiva Orange, see below)

Alizarin Permanent or Quinacridone Magenta

Ultramarine Blue

Viridian Green (or Pthalo Green, my preference)

My Current Palette:

From Richeson: Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue,
Pthalo Green, Transparent Red Oxide, Turquoise, Pthalo Blue

From Gamblin: Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Orange, Permanent Green Light


I am constantly trying new brushes in an effort improve my edgework. The bulk of my
brushes right now are called “Eclipse” and they are made by Rosemary. Either synthetic or
natural hog bristle brushes are great for moving paint. The shapes I use tend to be Flats and
Filberts of various sizes. As a rule of thumb, these are the sizes and shapes I gravitate towards:

Long Flat sizes 4,6,8,12

Filbert size 2,4,6

Rigger size 2 (for signature)

Also, I often use hog bristle brushes. Any reputable brand is fine, but Rosemary’s “Ultimate” line
is what I use now. The sizes I like are:

Flat sizes 6,8

Filbert size 2

I currently use a product from Grumbacher called “Zec”. I mix it into my white paint and it
thickens my paint, while decreasing drying time. I like how it helps with edge control.

Palette Knife

It is necessary to use a palette knife for mixing and painting. I like the normal (diamond) shaped
ones that are on the smaller end.


Occasionally I use a Princeton Catalyst Silicone squeegee Mini Blade No. 2 White


Any portable Plein Air easel will do. French easels work very well and so do pochade boxes.
Make sure it is something that you are used to and can set up relatively quickly in the field.
Umbrellas are optional (I don’t use one). My current goto easel is the Alla Prima Pochade
11×14 Yellowstone Box


Paper, Wood, or Glass (my favorite) all work fine. A small container for thinner/medium. Be
generous with the amount of paint you squeeze onto the palette. Before the workshop, have
your paints squeezed out and ready to go.

Brush Washer

Bring a small brush washer that doesn’t leak. Odorless Mineral Spirits are preferred. I use
Gamsol, and I highly recommend it for both cleaning brushes and thinning paint.

Paper Towels

Any paper towels are fine, Viva are the best (IMO)!

Canvas or Boards

Any painting surface will do. Canvas boards from the craft store are satisfactory,
gessoed/primed panels are great, and oilprimed linen boards (my preference) are

Affordable Option: Zinsser White Cover Stain OilBased Interior/Exterior Primer and Sealer (This
is a house paint primer that can be purchased at any hardware store for cheap. It is applied
with a simple sponge brush and dries in only a few hours.). I like to press Viva Paper Towels over
the primer right after applying it, and then quickly remove it, leaving a subtle texture on the

8×10, 8×12, 9×12, 10×12 12×16 are all great sizes. Use the sizes you are comfortable with but
keep in mind time constraints.

Past Paintings or Images: It is not at all a requirement but feel free to bring work that
you have done if you’d like a critique. It’ll take place either before or after the scheduled
workshop time.

Additional Items: Warm clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, drawing pad, notepad (for notes
if preferred), trash bags (plastic grocery bags work great), snacks and camera

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