Lucinda Wood Workshop : Supply List

Supplies for Plein Air Watercolor Workshop with Lucinda Wood:

Watercolor paints: I use Winsor & Newton Professional tubes, but bring whatever you like to use. Some colors I’d recommend bringing are French Ultramarine, Winsor Blue (green shade), Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Permanent Sap Green, Hookers Green, Alizarine Crimson, Winsor Yellow, (or the equivalent, if you use another brand).


A few white saucers (I use Corella) or little bowls for mixing larger amounts of paint, unless your pallet has deep wells.

Watercolor brushes, I prefer Kolinsky Sable Rounds, #3, #6, #10, #16, but bring whatever you like to use.

Watercolor paper: I recommend Arches Cold Press 300 lb. because there is no need to stretch it. I score and tear a 22×30” sheet into quarters and tape an 11×15” piece to a slightly larger board with white artist’s tape at the corners. Again, you are welcome to bring the watercolor paper you like best. A watercolor block also works. Any size you want.

Unless you are using a watercolor block, you will need a board to tape your watercolor paper to. I use a 12×16” piece of corrugated plastic or Masonite for my 11×15” paper.

Extra white artist’s tape, in case of wind.

2 water jars (I use empty plastic peanut butter jars), one with a lid, so the dirty paint-water can be dumped in the sink, not by the creek.

Water to drink and water to paint with

Paper towels

Pencil, I like a mechanical pencil with .5 HB lead for a thin, light line.

Kneaded Eraser

A folding chair, preferably without arms (if you prefer to sit and paint). I use a 3-legged camp stool. My painting rests on my lap. If you prefer to stand and use an easel that can make a nearly level, table-top-like surface, that is fine too.

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